Constantly Getting Rodents In Your Home? 2 Tips To Keep Them Away

Posted on: 12 October 2021


If you are constantly dealing with rodents in your home, there are ways you can control this. It is important that you do so as some rodents bear diseases. Most rodents also breed quickly, so your home could easily become infested if steps are not taken. Keep reading so you can get your rodent problem under control.

Contact Pest Control Company

The best way to control a rodent problem is to contact a rodent control company. They will determine how the rodents are getting into your home and then take steps to make needed repairs. You may have a small hole that you are not aware of. Most rodents are small and can squeeze through tiny spaces to get into a home. 

The pest control company may set up traps and/or baits to remove the rodents inside your home. There are poisons they can put outside your home and in the crawlspace so the rodents will eat the poison and die before they have time to get inside. The pest control company will suggest they come back to your home in a few weeks to ensure all rodents are gone.  

Things You Can Do

There are things you can do on your own to get your rodent problem under control. The main thing rodents look for when they enter a home is food. Because of this, make sure you keep all food sources off counters and put them in sealed containers. 

Rodents can get inside a cabinet and chew on anything that is in a cardboard box, such as pasta, cereals, etc. Store all these things in glass or plastic containers with a tight lid. If you have pet food that stays in your home, rodents will also go after this, so store your pet food in a container with a lid. 

Sweep your floors to remove crumbs, and clean any food or liquid spills immediately. If you have pets, do not leave their pet bowl on the floor if it has food in it when they finish eating. 

Check the roof, door frames, and window frames for any openings where rodents can get through, and seal them up. There are also things you can do to keep rodents from coming into your yard. There are rodent pellets that you can purchase that work well. Plant flowers that will keep rodents away, such as daffodils, camphor, and hyacinths.

A pest control company can give you many more tips on controlling rodents.