How A Pest Infestation Begins And What You Can Do To Keep Bugs And Mice Away

Posted on: 6 October 2020


If you work hard to keep your home tidy and clean, you may wonder how you end up with an infestation of roaches, spiders, ants, or mice. It's important to understand how pests get in your home so you can keep them out when possible. There are also ways you can keep a few bugs from multiplying and taking over your house. Here's a look at how a pest infestation starts and what you can do to keep pests under control.

Pests Move In From The Outside

It's no surprise that bugs and mice come in from the outside, so one of the most important steps you can take for pest control is to eliminate areas where the pests can squeeze through your siding, doors, roof, and windows. You can fill holes with caulk or wire mesh to keep the pests out, and if you can't do the work yourself, you might find a pest control company that offers exclusion services who can seal your home.

It's also good to keep hiding places and wild growth away from your house. Rake back piles of wet, decaying leaves that attract bugs and keep overgrown plants away from your entry doors. By removing hiding places near your house, pests won't hang out so close to your home and eventually find a way inside.

Guests Carry Bugs Inside Your Home

If you have guests for dinner or to stay the weekend, and they have a pest problem at home, they may bring some pests along with them. That's why it isn't a good idea to let someone stay in your home when their home is being treated for bed bugs. Bed bugs travel in clothing and suitcases, so there's always a risk someone will bring the bugs in your house.

Even your own family members can carry pests home since they can pick up bugs at school, work, or while shopping. Roaches hide in the flaps of paper bags, and you can carry them home with your shopping goods. Your pets can carry fleas and ticks inside too. It's good to be alert for pests on your pets or family after they've been outdoors or after you've been in a public place, such as a hotel or theater.

Pests Stay And Multiply When They Have Food

If you have regular pest control treatments and keep a tidy home, a single roach brought home from the grocery store might not be a big issue. The roach may encounter residual pesticide or an insect trap you have out, and the infestation stops before it gets started.

However, if your home is cluttered, bugs and mice have a lot of hiding places, so they can multiply without you knowing it. If your home is messy too with food crumbs, dirty dishes left out, and full trash cans, pests have plenty to eat and can thrive and multiply.

It's difficult to keep bugs out of your home completely, and it's hard to maintain a spotless house all the time, so regular preventative pest control treatments are an important part of keeping your home free from pests.

If you have trouble with pests, reach out to a local pest control service.