How To Keep The Neighborhood Skunks From Moving Onto Your Land

Posted on: 20 August 2020


Skunks may be cute, but they are quite a nuisance. And this is not just due to their smell! Skunks can also dig holes for their dens that compromise your home's foundation. If they make their way into your garage or shed, their feces can spread disease. There are so many reasons to keep skunks away, and if these animals are already in your neighborhood, you're going to have to work pretty hard at it.

Here are some ways to help ensure the neighborhood skunks don't make your house (or yard) their next home.

1. Fill in any holes.

Skunks like to dig holes to use as dens, and they're a little bit lazy — which means they love a low spot or partially pre-dug hole. If there are any low spots or holes in your yard, particularly around your home, use some dirt to fill them in. Pack the dirt down well and plant grass on top to stabilize it.

2. Treat your lawn for grubs.

Grubs are the larval form of Japanese beetles and several other types of beetles. They live below the grass and feed on the grass roots. And they're a favorite snack of skunks! If you keep the grubs away, skunks are less likely to move in. You can sprinkle some grub killer over the yard; the best time to do this is in the spring. If you prefer a more natural approach, diatomaceous earthworks, but you have to use lots of it and use it often.

3. Store your trash in a fully enclosed bin.

Skunks will happily feed on trash, and if your trash can becomes one of their favorite restaurants, they just might choose to move in next door! Trash cans with hinging lids are pretty easy for skunks to break into. Look for a lock that secures your trash can lid, or get in the habit of setting a brick on top of the lid when it's closed.

4. Light your yard at night.

Skunks like it dark at night. If you install some lights to illuminate your landscape, the skunks will find somewhere else to call home. You should be especially sure to illuminate the edge of your foundation, as this is a common spot for skunks to dig. A few push-in solar lights should do the trick.

If you follow the tips above, skunks should not move onto your land. If you do start seeing skunks, call a pest control company ASAP. With these sneaky, smelly critters, it is important to act fast.

To learn more information, reach out to skunk control services near you.