Signs Your Home Is Infested By Bed Bugs And What To Do

Posted on: 15 November 2022


Bed bugs have always been part of human life, which is why they are the most annoying pests you can deal with in your home. While their infestation doesn't cause disease, they are annoying and can make your stay at home very uncomfortable. 

They'll focus on the beds and other furniture in order to suck as much blood as possible from anyone in your family. So, once you spot a few, you should invest in bed bug control. It's always best to work with professionals to eradicate them for good. Here are signs you have bed bugs in your home.

Your Skin Has Itchy Red Spots

One popular sign that you have bed bugs in your home is bed bug bites on your skin. These bites are tiny and red. Some people experience itchiness while others don't, so don't ignore this sign if your skin doesn't itch. But if you wake up with severe red spots on your skin, consider inspecting your bed. Note that bed bugs know how to hide during the day, so you'll have to look out for other signs of an infestation to be sure.

Your Sheets Have Blood Stains

Noticing blood on bedsheets can be alarming, but it doesn't always mean you have a health issue. Instead, it could signify that you have a bed bug issue. This occurs after you make movements while sleeping and squash a bug while it's feeding or afterward. The blood it had consumed will be smeared on the sheets, skin, or pajamas. So, don't fret when you see bloody dots on the bed. You may need to inspect your bed for bed bugs.

There's a Musty Smell

Never ignore an unexplained or unfamiliar stale smell in the house because it could mean you have a bed bug issue. These pesky critters usually produce pheromones which can be strong once the bugs increase in number. So, if your house is clean and you are sure you don't have a water damage problem, consider checking if you have bed bugs.

You Can See Unusual Fecal Spots

Bed bugs like to leave a trail of fecal spots on different surfaces. This liquid waste is different from blood stains but will be visible. The spots resemble stains and are usually black or dark brown due to the blood these pests digest and defecate. 

When you see the signs mentioned above, call a bed bug pest control professional to eliminate the bed bugs. Remember, the removal work will be more challenging if you allow the infestation to spread.