Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Posted on: 14 June 2022


Bed bugs are very small pests that have an appearance similar to an apple seed. They are about the same size and color as an apple seed. These pests will bite you and feed off of your blood to survive. They can leave you with welts that can be very itchy. Bed bugs will multiply and can infest your entire home in no time, and you may not even be aware that you have them. You should be aware that you have this pest problem, and there are signs that you should be wary of. Read on for some signs that may indicate that you have bed bugs in your home.

Welts On The Body

You may wake up from sleeping in your bed to find that you have welts on your body and they are very itchy. If you have these welts, they may be in a direct line, which would be because these pests move in a line and will bite you in a line. You may have these bites on your torso, your shoulders, or your buttocks or legs. If you have these bite marks, you should inspect your bed and your mattress for these pests.

Living Pests

If you see actual living pests on your mattress, or on other upholstered furniture in your home, take a closer look at them to see if they are bed bugs. These pests appear to look like apple seeds in color and size. They shed their skins, so you may see the skin sheds as well. If you have seen these pests, you need to exterminate them before they begin to run rampant around your entire home.

Blood Smears

If you see blood smears on your baseboards, on your walls, or on your bedding, it may be a sign of bed bugs. If you have spotted these signs around your home, you need to keep an eye out for these pests. Take a closer look around for other signs of these pests. These pests when full of blood, they will leave behind smears of blood wherever they go. If you have blood around your home, inspect further.

If you have any of these signs of bed bugs, you need to call an exterminator to help you get rid of them. These pests can infest your home quickly and you will have them in every room of your home before you know it. Call an exterminator right away if you've seen signs of bed bugs.

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