Red Flags That Indicate Pest Control Should Be Called

Posted on: 31 August 2021


You should be working with pest control regularly because this is the number one best way to prevent infestations from occurring. However, if you would rather have your home sprayed only when you see the warning signs of potential trouble, then you need to know what those warning signs are. If you miss them, then you can end up with an infestation that is hard to get rid of. With some infestations, the troubles can remain after the pests are gone, such as with termites. Also, with infestations such as mice, the damage can even be hazardous by leaving your home with dangerously exposed wire. Once you spot any of the signs listed here, you want to get pest control to come out: 

You see anything larger than dust 

A good rule of thumb is to call pest control to come out if you find anything along the baseboards, window sills, or edges of cabinets or cupboards that is larger than dust. Many different types of pests will travel along these areas and they will likely leave behind excrement and urine. You can see the excrement and sometimes it may look like itty bitty brown specks from bed bugs or it can look like coffee grounds from roaches. If you see anything like this, pest control should come out. Also, termites shed their wings and you may find a lot of wings around your home. 

You hear noises that sound strange

Sometimes you can hear pests in your home if you listen carefully. So, you should pay attention to your home when it's quiet. This is a good way to identify things like plumbing issues, electrical issues, and pest issues. If you happen to be one of the unlucky people to get wasps or bees in your walls, you can hear them buzzing. If you have mice, you can hear them gnawing or squeaking. If you have raccoons, you can hear them moving around. 

You see more than one pest

If you see a random pest of some kind in your home, then it's possible it wandered in or hitchhiked in on something someone brought in from somewhere else. However, if you see a second one, then it is time for the pest control company to come out because this is something that would be a concern and a red flag that there may be bigger issues.

If you notice any of these signs, reach out to a pest control company.