Preparing For A Pest Control Service Visit

Posted on: 20 November 2020


Whether you are dealing with a mouse, insect, or small animal problem inside of your home, you likely want to have pests removed as quickly and easily as possible. Pest control services provide professional assistance in the removal and prevention of future pest outbreaks. Here are steps to take to ensure a successful outcome.

Provide The Service With Details

When you call a pest control service to make an appointment, let them know as much as possible over the phone so they are aware of the extent of the problem. For example, if you have noticed mouse droppings and gnaw marks, but have not yet seen any mice, let the service know so they have an idea about the type of pest you are dealing with so they use the proper tools to eradicate it upon their arrival. Let the service know how long you have known about the pest problem as well.

Search For Possible Entryways

Do some research before the pest control service arrives to aid in their search for the location of the pests inside of your home. Examine the exterior of your home for spots where pests may have gotten to the interior. This includes spaces around windows or under doors, broken portions of siding panels, cracks in wood or the foundation, and areas where excessive moisture led to the deterioration of structural materials. Check your attic, basement, and crawlspace for signs of an infestation as these areas are shaded and preferred by many types of pests.

Have A Place To Go If Needed

When the pest control service arrives, professionals will perform a complete assessment of the interior areas of your home where signs of a pest problem are noticed. They then provide you with recommendations regarding treatment. Sometimes this includes the use of pesticides. Inquire about the products the pest control services use so you can make a choice about when to have them applied. If you do decide to use pesticides, make sure to have a location to retreat to during and after the application process. This includes any pets.

Remove Valuable Items Before Service

Pest control services provide safe and effective measures at eradicating pests, however, if you have any valuables in your home that you do not wish to come into contact with pesticides, consider moving them before the business arrives. Use covers or place items in a cabinet or closet until after service is conducted.

For more information, contact a pest control service today.