Wildlife On Your Property Should Be Professionally Removed Right Away

Posted on: 11 August 2020


Wildlife can be great to watch when you see an animal in their natural habitat. However, wildlife can bring a lot of problems your way if a wild animal decides it wants to make your property it's home. Some wildlife is less invasive than others, but most of them bring some type of problems that you won't want to deal with. Here are some ways wildlife can be problematic and reasons why you should have those animals removed from your property by a professional: 

Rabbits can cause a number of problems - If you have rabbits on your property, then the number of them you see now can quickly multiply, meaning the problems you have now will only get worse. They can cause a lot of damage in your lawn by not only digging holes in it, but also by creating brown spots from their urine. They can also be extremely destructive to your garden and flower beds. Plus, rabbits have powerful back legs and sharp claws. If your pets threaten a rabbit, they can be hurt if the rabbit kicks them. 

Raccoons can be destructive and very dangerous - Raccoons can create their home in many different types of spaces. When they do, they can also create a lot of damage. It's quite common for raccoons to live in a part of the home that's neglected, such as the attic or basement, where they shred the insulation and tear up anything being stored in the attic. They can also tear up your garbage, destroy your garden, and eat the fruit on your trees that you had earmarked for your family. A raccoon who feels threatened can also be a very dangerous animal capable of harming both people and pets, and they have rabies at a higher frequency than most other types of wildlife. 

Skunks cause more problems than their foul odor - If you were to think of one reason why you wouldn't want a skunk on your property, it would likely have to do with the foul odor they put out when they feel they need to protect themselves. However, skunks can also do a lot of damage to your garden and flowerbed. Plus, skunks can leave holes all over your lawn from digging for insects. A skunk who is after insects can be so determined to get at them that they can even damage your home's foundation. 

Gophers can do a lot more damage than most people realize - Most people know that gophers can really tear up a lawn. However, they can also cause damage to plumbing and underground cables. 


As soon as you know that you have some form of wildlife living on your property, you should have it removed instead of waiting until damages get to the point where you can't ignore them. Contact a wildlife removal service to ensure the safe removal of animals from your property.