How A Termite Bait System Kills Termites And Keeps Your Home Safe From Their Destruction

Posted on: 18 June 2020


If your home has termites you want to eliminate or if you just want to prevent termite problems, then a termite bait system might be the solution. The bait kills termites, and the bait stations are effective at monitoring for the presence of the pests in your yard. Here's a look at how termite bait works.

Termite Bait Can Be Used Alone

Other treatments for termites exist, such as tenting and spraying. Bait can be used with these treatments or it can be used alone. A benefit of using bait alone is you can avoid using a large amount of pesticides, which is more eco-friendly. However, the important thing is to eliminate the termites, and a pest control professional can advise you on the best way to do that. When you choose a termite bait system, you'll be fighting termites over the long term, which provides continual protection against the bugs.

Bait Kills The Termite Colony

Termite bait doesn't kill the insects on contact. Instead, it has a delayed reaction so the bugs can take the poison back to the colony. Termite bait can be a slow-acting poison or an insect growth inhibitor that works on young termites and kills them before they can mature. This causes the colony to dwindle over time until the colony dies off.

How Baits Are Used In Your Yard

Baits are placed under the ground in bait stations. The bait is placed on pieces of wood cellulose that termites might like to eat. The baits don't necessarily attract termites. Instead, termites find the bait while they're out searching for food. That's why the pest control company will put several bait stations in your yard. That increases the chance of termites finding them.

The stations are placed so they surround your house. They are buried under the ground after the pest control professional digs a hole with a small auger. If necessary, holes can be drilled through a driveway or other concrete, but the holes are usually placed in the yard. The bait stations have a flat top so they are out of sight and not in the way of a lawnmower.

Once the stations are in place, the waiting starts. Termites may not find the stations right away, but once they do, they'll start carrying the poison back to the colony, and the work of eliminating the colony begins. The pest control company may come out once a month or on a regular basis to check the bait stations. In this way, your property is protected from termites for the long term in a slow-acting manner that's effective at killing termites and decreasing their threat to your house.

To learn more about termite bait systems, contact a local pest control service.