3 Common Harborage Points To Eliminate As A Part Of Your Pest Control Endeavors

Posted on: 21 May 2020


Pest control experts sometimes speak about harborage points, which are places in or around a structure where pests could easily hide out, build nests, and reproduce. If you are focusing on getting rid of pests or just preventing pests from invading your home in the first place, then it is important to identify and get rid of these harborage points. Every home is different, but here are three common harborage points to be on the lookout for.

Landscaping Close to the Foundation

Many people like to plant flowers and shrubs right next to their home's foundation. While this looks nice, it does provide a harborage point for insects and even some rodents. The plants give them shelter, and any warmth coming from the foundation attracts them. Then, all it takes is for there to be a small hole in the foundation, and the pests can find their way in. The solution, thankfully, is simply to move those plants at least 3 feet from the foundation. Transplant your shrubs if needed, and remove and replace smaller flowers.

Clutter in the Basement

Your basement may be a convenient place to store items, but you need to make sure those items are stored neatly. If you just keep them in a pile on the floor, they might become an ideal location for pests to hang out. Many bugs, like earwigs, and some rodents will happily chew on things like paper and wood within the piles of items, and you won't see the damage quickly if things are just stacked here and there. Consider instead storing everything in plastic totes and on shelves. Clean around everything every month or two to ensure you detect any signs of pests early.

Open Vents

You have a number of different types of vents in your home. There are sewer vents, a vent from your air conditioner, and vents from your heating system. You also have roof vents. All of these vents should feature some sort of cover, whether that is a piece of metal mesh or a plastic slotted cover. Otherwise, they become the ideal harborage point for rodents. Mice have been known to build nests in various vents, and they could also use this as a pathway for entry into your home.

Keep the harborage points above in mind as you try to keep pests under control in your home. Reach out to a pest control company for more information.