3 Pests to Watch Out for This Summer

Posted on: 6 May 2020


While summer is a season that a lot of people look forward to, it is a time when a lot of pests tend to come out. Some of these pests may attack the structure of your home, bite you, or make a meal out of your garden. Regardless of what they do, these pests potentially have the power to destroy your property. Keep reading to learn about three summer pests and what you can do to keep them from invading your property.


Commonly referred to as white ants, termites love cellulose and will eat through your walls, roofing, and other wooden pieces or structures. Some signs of termite infestation may include discarded wings, mud masses on the foundation, and click sounds inside of your walls. You will want to make sure to schedule regular termite inspections to ensure that these destructive pests do not take over your home and cause extensive damage. Another preventative measure that you can take is to avoid piling up wood pieces near the home.


Fleas are wingless and can jump long distances. They bury into your dogs and cats, biting into their skin repeatedly, sucking their blood, and can end up turning on you as well. Some of the signs of fleas include bites around the ankles and feet, black feces on your pet's bedding, and pets who are scratching and itching constantly. Flea treatments and combs can help keep them from going nuts, while Diatomaceous Earth can keep the fleas from invading the yard and home. It is a good idea to keep your pets inside the home. If an infestation is bad enough, a chemical treatment may be necessary.


Mosquitoes are yet another insect that enjoys sucking blood from pets and humans. These insects leave itchy, red welts behind. They can carry various types of diseases like the Zika virus and malaria. One good thing about mosquitoes is that they are easy to spot because they don't fly quickly and make a buzzing noise. To keep these insects away from you and your home, you will need to avoid allowing water to pool around the property since drops and puddles of water provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Some other preventative measures include sealing your home and planting basil and mint.

If your home becomes severely infested with termites, fleas, mosquitoes, or any other pest, get in touch with a pest control service such as Fleck Pest Management.