Learn About Possible Mouse Damage

Posted on: 28 April 2020


If you have mice in your house, then they can cause more problems than you may realize. Once you have a clear understanding of the many ways that mice can wreak havoc on your home, you'll see why it's so important for you to get rid of them as soon as you know that you have them in your house. Here are just some of the bad things that mice can do to your home as well as other problems they may cause:

Mice can carry diseases

You likely know that mice can carry rabies. However, they can also carry other diseases as well. Mice can also carry salmonella, the bubonic plague, and hantavirus. Something many people don't know about rabies is that it can be spread without being bitten. If the saliva of an infected mouse gets into an open wound, an eye, or even into the mouth of a person or animal, then the rabies can be transmitted to them. This means if your dog eats a piece of food that was dropped out of the mouth of an infected mouse, then it is possible your dog can get rabies this way.

Mice can destroy insulation

Mice can use many things to create their nests, and one of the things they tend to like to use is insulation, such as that in your attic. If you're like most homeowners, then you probably don't find yourself getting in your attic much. If you have mice in the house, then they might find that the quiet attic makes a good place for them to build their nests, and they can tear your insulation apart to make those nests. This can cause you to have a harder time controlling the temperature in your home and even possibly lead to the development of ice dams on the roof in the wintertime.

Mice can destroy expensive material

You may expect that mice can get in your food pantry and chew their way into things like your cereal boxes. However, the mice can also chew on things like clothing, drapery, and even the expensive materials of your furniture. Mice will generally chew on things in the areas where they are hidden and this means it may take a long time for you to spot the damage, but the damage can be serious.


If you find you have mice in your home, the sooner that you have the problem taken care of, the more damage you can prevent from being done around your home. The most fool-proof way to get rid of mice is by calling a pest control company to take care of things.

Look for a professional who provides mice control near you.