A Look At Determining Factors In Bed Bug Eradication Costs

Posted on: 24 April 2020


Nightmarish bloodsuckers by nature, bed bugs are the pests that no one ever wants to see even though none of them are desirable. Here is a breakdown of the factors that can affect the cost of bed bug treatment by a professional. 

The Size of Your Home and How Many Rooms You Have 

The size of your home plays a major role in the cost of bed bug extermination. The average cost for bed bug treatment can be between $200 and $400 per room. It is common for people to want to treat just one or two rooms, but this rarely eliminates the entire problem. 

The Severity of the Problem 

Naturally, the worse the problem is, the more you can expect to pay for bed bug extermination services because the process will be more of a challenge and will require more time and resources. If you have only spotted a few begs and get in touch with a professional right away, you may not pay much, but if you have allowed the situation to get out of hand, you can see the price climb pretty drastically. This is why it is so important to tend to the issue as quickly as possible by working with professionals from the beginning. Many store-bought remedies don't work; therefore, the problem can just grow bigger while you waste your own time and money. 

The Equipment or Methods Used in the Process

Exterminators can take different approaches to bed bug eradication. Some will use strictly pesticides, others may use heat treatment, and some may use a combination of both along with traps, natural remedies, steaming, freezing, fumigation, and other methods. The different tactics used can cost different amounts. For instance, bed bug heat treatment involves more expensive equipment, but the process has proven to be highly effective. Bed bug heat treatment can cost from $1 to $3 per square foot treated. 

The Level of Input You Can Provide 

If you put your own time into helping to eradicate the problem with bed bugs, it can make it a lot easier for the professionals, and the overall job will be less time-consuming. For example, you can help with the treatment process by eliminating clutter in the house, removing decor from the walls, and keeping laundry picked up from the floor. These things alone can make rooms easier to treat and the process of eliminating bugs can take less time and fewer supplies. 

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