3 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Termites

Posted on: 22 April 2020


A termite infestation is one of the most common problems you can have in your home, and it is among the most annoying. Termites are vicious; they can destroy your home and furniture if you do not move quickly to stem an infestation. If you are worried about how to deal with an infestation, here is a look at some natural remedies that will help.


Chances are you have a bottle of vinegar in your home. if you don't, you can purchase one easily. Vinegar is a very effective termite killer. All you have to do is mix half a cup of the vinegar with the juice of two lemons. Pour your mixture into a spray bottle and begin spraying the area where there is a termite infestation. The acid from both the vinegar and lemons will kill termites fast. Make sure you spray regularly until all signs of the termites are gone.

Orange Oil

Orange oil is made from the peels of oranges and is deadly to termites. You can get it online or at garden stores. The orange oil will cause the outer body of the termites to dissolve; this makes them weak and unable to survive. Place the orange oil in a spray bottle and apply it directly to any termites you see. You should also spray areas where termites frequent. Keep spraying the areas regularly to prevent them from returning.

Prepare a Wet Cardboard Buffet

Termites love to eat anything that contains cellulose, and one of the best ways to get them out of their hiding spot is to set a trap for them using a piece of wet cardboard. Identify the areas where you think termites are infesting. Spray the cardboard with water and lay it out in this area. The termites will come out of hiding to devour the piece of cardboard. Take the cardboard outside and burn it. You can even spray them with the vinegar or orange oil solution previously mentioned while they are on the cardboard to make sure none of them get away before you burn the cardboard. Set this trap repeatedly until all the termites are caught.

Termites can damage your furniture and ravage your home, creating costly repairs and replacements. The best thing you can do is get rid of them. If you have children and pets, you may want to use non-toxic methods. The treatments outlined here are effective and will give you great results.

To learn more, contact a termite control company.