Black Widow Treatment For An Old Wooden Barn

Posted on: 20 April 2020


Black widows possess shiny black bodies and each female is noted for the red hourglass shape on their underside. These venomous spiders may have caused you to be apprehensive about turning an old wooden barn into a makeshift storage area for farming supplies, grain, and seed. Before bringing your supplies into the barn, provide the area with a thorough cleaning and complete pest elimination steps that will ensure that the structure does not contain any spiders or future offspring.

Prepare For The Emptying And Cleaning Of The Barn

If you were to come into contact with a black widow, one of two things is likely to happen. The spider may become defensive and inject venom into your skin, or it may scamper off, which would result in you needing to worry about eliminating it later on. Don't risk the possibility of incurring a painful bite. Before emptying and cleaning the shed, acquire all of the hauling and cleaning supplies that you will need.

Gloves, coveralls, a jacket, and a face mask will protect exposed skin. Use a trailer or a dolly to haul large items that you are disposing of. Use trash bags to load up loose items that you do not want to keep. All of the items inside of the barn need to be removed, prior to cleaning the inside and outside of the structure. After each stint outdoors, remove your clothing and protective gear and launder the items. This will ensure that spider eggs or living spiders are eliminated from the garments and protection aids.

Use A Mister, A Long-Handled Brush, And A Vacuum

An extermination system that contains a mister can be used to treat large areas. Before using this type of product, close the windows in the barn and set a chair in the central part of the floor. Release the top of the mister and the product will begin to spray outward, creating a foglike appearance. Exit the barn and shut the door. On the next day, you can safely enter the barn to begin cleaning up the dead spiders that remain.

Additionally, you will need to remove cobwebs that are inside of the barn. Use a long-handled brush and a vacuum cleaner to aid you in the cobweb removal process. Open the windows, to allow fresh air in. After you have cleaned the barn's interior, use a pressure washer to clean the outside of the barn. Use your hands or a shovel to remove any loose debris or brush that is located around the barn's exterior.

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